I passed my driving test and wanted to let Patty know. I learned a lot from her in two hours. Wished I would have taken lessons before I failed the drive test twice. I got my license on my nineteenth birthday! Thank You Patty!  Jose, Ceres

“My daughter’s friend was going to use (**** **** driving school) because he was cheaper. I have been so impressed with Turlock Driving School and the excellent instruction given to Lisa that I’m paying the difference for Lisa’s friend to come to Turlock Driving School. There’s a big difference between six hours of driving and six hours of teaching. I’ve been driving for many years and still learned a thing or two from my daughter. Your stellar reputation is well deserved. Robert, Ceres”

“The classes at TDS can’t compare to taking classes on-line.  We almost did that until I heard that most people fail the first test unless taught in a classroom.  I can see that now for myself.  My only complaint is my daughter is now critiquing every move I make and making me wear my seat belt even if it’s just a couple of blocks  :-).

And did you know that the reflexes of a teen texting while driving are equivalent to a senior in their 80’s?????  Pretty scary!”

Thank you Turlock Driving School.  You are the best!!!
Esther, Turlock

*Testimonial made while we were still teaching classes

“Our son took drivers training from another company in Modesto and was so terrified he wouldn’t even take the final lesson! When I suggested he call TDS he wouldn’t CONSIDER it so I called and signed him up secretly. After the first lesson with Keith he LOVED driving, took the entire course from Keith and shortly thereafter got his license!! Thank you Keith for taking this young man who had decided he would just not drive and giving him some confidence as well as the skills he needs to be an EXCELLENT driver.”
Lynda, Turlock

“Thanks TDS for doing such a good job teaching Heather. She’s taught me a thing or two.”
Kim, Turlock

“I passed my DMV driving test with zero mistakes! Thanx!”
Steve, Turlock.

“My oldest son went through both the classroom and behind the wheel programs. We’ll definitely be sending our other two children through TDS.”
Donna, Denair.

“As a truck driver I appreciate the heads up freeway training. I know some adults that could use a lesson from you guys. Scott scored a 98 on his driving test. Thanks Keith!”
Rob, Modesto 

“I liked getting to drive different cars. A little XB and the yellow pickup. My Dad bought me a chevy truck.”
Gloria, Patterson

“Thanks for being so patient with Greg and his busy schedule. It’s nice letting him drive himself to practice.”
Joyce, Hughson

“Our daughter failed the written test three times after taking some online course out of San Diego. It was a waste of $35.00. We are pleased to inform you she got 100% on her test after taking the class from Lisa. Thanks Lisa and Turlock Driving School!:
“Hey TDS! I already have a license but can I still drive one of your cars? That Yellow Cobalt is so sick.”
Kyle, Delhi

“After talking to a friend I switched my daughter to TDS for her last four hours. You did a wonderful job with Amber. We see that yellow truck everywhere! Are you sure there’s only one?”
Becky, Hilmar

“Between Dawn and your web site all our questions were answered. Well done TDS.”
Glen, Livingston

“Carolyn realy helped my Mom regain her confidence. She passed her test in Modesto and is back to driving. She only drives to the store and church but that means so much to her.”
Grace, Turlock

“Hi Keith, I moved to Fort Worth, Texas in December and took the driving test here. I passed the first time! Just wanted you to know.”
Mike, Texas

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